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04/2016 EBTEC Corporation has recently installed an IPG Fiber Laser with Improved Capabilities

Agawam, MA

EBTEC Corporation has recently installed an IPG Photonics 600 Watt Quasi-CW Ytterbium Fiber Laser that has increased power, more efficient energy utilization, improved spot size stability allowing a smaller kerf, finer density control, providing more power to the spot and improved CNC control capability.

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06/2015 EDAC Aero Components signs long term agreement with SNECMA valued at more than $150M

Cheshire, CT

EDAC Aero Components signs long term agreement with Snecma to supply the precision machining of a large titanium frame for CFM International’s LEAP-1B engine.

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EBTEC Gains GEAE approval for TIG welding to P8TF3 - CF101

Agawam, MA

Massachusetts Firm Gains Approval with General Electric

EBTEC Corporation announced recently that it has been approved by General Electric Aircraft Engines for TIG welding per Specification P8TF3 – CF01. EBTEC joins an elite sector of the Aerospace Industry’s suppliers that offer these services to GE and to GE sub-tier suppliers for this process.

"This new approval allows us to be able to serve our aerospace customers with a more comprehensive set of services minimizing their need to utilize multiple vendors" , said Mark Hauser, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. EBTEC has been providing special processes to GEAE since it’s inception with electron beam welding service to P8TF10, P8TF5 as well as laser cutting and laser drilling services to P17TF2, S-422, and S-505 among a host of others. EBTEC also holds certifications to GE airflow requirements and holds the Quality Systems requirement approval to S-1000.

About EBTEC Founded 50 years ago on the near-limitless potential of Electron Beam Welding, EBTEC has more than 50 years of experience executing precision high energy beam processes, including Electron Beam Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling, EDM, Vacuum Heat Treating, and Waterjet Cutting, as well as traditional fabrication solutions. Utilizing the most advanced technologies and processes, EBTEC provides cost-effective services to some of the largest companies in the Aerospace, Medical, Power Generation, Defense, and Industrial industries.

EBTEC's extensive array of equipment, coupled with our engineering, metallurgy, quality assurance, program management, and in-house finishing capabilities, allows them to handle virtually any size and scale of program, with high energy beam services and comprehensive precision fabrication. Focused on precision, innovation, and on-time delivery, EBTEC provides complete solutions.

EBTEC Achieves Significant Cost Saving in Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) Engine Program!

Agawam, MA

EBTEC Corporation has recently completed a cost reduction challenge with Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engineering to create significant savings for synch-ring segments for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) engine program (PW-F135). Through process design conception and the welding expertise at EBTEC Corporation, over sixty-six percent material savings was achieved as well as reduction of the machining costs of this complex assembly. A total savings of over 50% of unit cost to manufacture has been achieved over the legacy part numbers at our facility.

The challenge was to create finished parts, at a significant cost reduction, with all of the same attributes as the original legacy versions. EBTEC designed, with guidance through PWA Engineering, a fabrication process that utilizes one of our high energy beam core competencies, Electron Beam Welding (EBW).

Pratt and Whitney's F-135 is the sole engine program for the F-35 Lightning II Program (also known as the Joint Strike Fighter Program) and is the Department of Defense's focal point for defining affordable next generation strike aircraft weapon systems for the Navy, Air Force, Marines, and our allies. The F-35 will bring cutting-edge technologies to the battle space of the future. Its advanced airframe, autonomic logistics, avionics, propulsion systems, stealth, and firepower will ensure that the F-35 is the most affordable, lethal, supportable, and survivable aircraft ever to be used by war fighters across the globe.

With cost of the JSF being a major topic in congress over these next few months, it is innovations like this that are required from multiple levels of the supply chain in an effort to reduce costs and keep this important program viable. EBTEC is proud to have assisted the PWA Engineering Cost Reduction Team in facilitating cost reductions for the engine program powering the JSF.

As a result of the efforts above, EBTEC has been awarded a multi-year, manufacture complete program for these components.



EBTEC Employees Achieve Milestone!

Agawam, MA

EBTEC has been in business since 1963, forty-eight years, a significant milestone in its own accord. More impressive than that, from an employment base of 82 persons, the employees in the photo below have been with EBTEC for a combined duration of greater than 255 years, each with a minimum employment duration of more than twenty-five years. These employees have dedicated their employment to serving the needs of our most valued customers.

A significant mantra of the Company revolves around the employees. That mantra is that "EBTEC employees are the most significant asset" that we have within the four walls of this facility. The complex high energy beam processes that are utilized at EBTEC require a highly skilled work force. EBTEC has worked very hard to create a skilled labor force that is able to meet the challenges of the marketplace and the technologies that we use.

The longevity of these employees' service indicates that we have also been successful in creating a work place environment that has attracted this level of dedication. In this way we have also created a value proposition for our customer base giving them services and products created from world class, best of the best employees.

We congratulate these employees and look forward to another press release when they hit 50 years of service.

From left to right:

Christopher English, Daniel Hebert, Cathy Anderson, Mark Modzeleski, Mathew Girouard, Vincent Mammano, Paul Krassler, David Maheu, Brian Havens.


A Factory Tour of EBTEC Corporation

Agawam, MA

At EBTEC Corporation, we're very proud of the opportunities that our clients have afforded us over the years. Through our dedication to the needs of those we supply, we have cultivated relationships that have allowed us to expand several times over the years. Whether it's an Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, or defense application, we strive for perfection in all that we do. The response we've gotten from our various markets has been wholly positive and we are prepping to expand. It is in the capital plan to expand our facilities in the near future, adding an additional 50,000 square feet to our production and engineering areas. So what are we going to put there?

EBTEC Corporation is currently home to one of the (if not the largest) largest electron beam welding machines in the Northeast. This machine is fondly known as Goliathon, and is the only EB machine in the world that can simultaneously work on two large vacuum chambers independent of each other. As a result the parts processed are getting larger and larger. As we move into the needed additional space, we are keeping a close eye on the environment and the potential to utilize "GREEN" technologies. We are reviewing and developing processes, applications and "brick and mortar" with the intent to be completely green. As the world moves toward a more eco-friendly future, so will we.

A Factory Tour of Ebtec

Some of our staff will be moving, as well. At EBTEC, we're proud to say that every one of our staff engineers is highly experienced and competent in his or her field of operation. The operator with the least amount of time at Ebtec has been here for six years. The engineer with the least amount of employment time has ten years under her belt. This means that even the youngest of our staff have over a half-decade of experience in the laser and electron beam-welding field. We're proud of our staff, and they're excited to work for you.

So, whether it's a metal rod that will help someone walk again one day or the engine components of a joint strike fighter, EBTEC has the facilities and the expertise to meet your needs with enthusiasm and pinpoint accuracy. Contact EBTEC today to learn more about our expansion, or to talk to one of our knowledgeable engineers.

MD&M East and What it Means for You

Agawam, MA

The East-Coast leg of the Medical Design and Manufacturing expo, May 22-24 is only a few months away, and we at EBTEC want to make sure you're as geared up for the event as we are. How do we in the laser cutting industry affect medical technology? How can we continue to assist in life-saving measures world wide going forward? We at EBTEC are dedicated to helping the medical community, and want to give you a heads up regarding what to be looking forward at this year's MD&M conference, May 22-24, 2012. Please stop by Booth Number 2344 to visit us:

  • New technologies and products.
  • Only the best and most qualified suppliers and engineers will have booths.
  • Businesses will find new avenues of approach regarding the medical industry.
  • On-site education is available.

New technologies and products mean that you will be on the ground floor as the latest tech in the medical community are revealed. We had a booth at last year's expo, so you can rest assured that only the most qualified engineers and technicians from the laser cutting industry will be on hand. You can learn how to grow your business, and educate yourself on strategies that are currently working in the laser cutting industry as it relates to medical technology.

Come visit us at MD&M East and let's talk about laser cutting technology!

To learn more about the expo, visit this link:

To learn more about the latest news from the laser cutting industry, visit EBTEC today:

EBTEC Corporation Adds Multi-Axis Milling

Agawam, MA

EBTEC is growing to meet the needs of the market place.  EBTEC has been offering high-energy beam services to the Aerospace, Power Generation, Medical, and Industrial markets for more than 49 years. In 2005, EBTEC also began offering value-added manufacturing services, made to print components, that utilized, at a minimum of one one of our high-energy beam services.



With that in mind, we are proud to announce the acquisition of additional machining capabilities, which are recently installed and fully operational. The HAAS VF-3 (top photograph) introduces milling capabilities to the turning capabilities that have been installed over the past few years. Additionally, EBTEC Corporation aquired a significantly larger multi-axis CNC high-speed mill (Eumach DM3000 - above), and a 78.74" swing VTL (Vanguard - above) to further support our valued customers........and there is more to come in this New Year as we expand our capabiltities.  For more detailed information please see our faciltities list.  

06/2010 EDAC Aero Components releases new brochure

Cheshire, CT

New Aero Brochure

05/2009 EDAC Aero Precision Components achieves ISO 14001:2004

Cheshire, CT

ISO 14001:2004 Certification for Environmental, Health and Safety.