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At EDAC Aero Rotating Components our Capabilities include the highest degree of process integration.

5-Axis High-Speed-Milling

EDAC Aero Rotating Components’ 5-axis high-speed milling centers result in the efficient and accurate production of IBR’s / blisks.


EDAC Aero Rotating Components houses seven horizontal broach machines. We are continually upgrading and improving this broaching capability.

Shot Peening

EDAC Aero Rotating Components provides robotic shot peen services in-house, thereby helping to reduce component cycle time.


EDAC Aero Rotating Components is capable of vertical turning industrial gas turbine disk assemblies in excess of 50 inch diameter and has extensive horizontal LATHE turning capability in the 10 to 36 inch diameter range.

Nickel & Ti Blisk / IBR Manufacturing Capability Up to 40 inches Diameter

3-4-5-Axis CNC Milling

High Pressure Milling & Drilling


Surface Finish Improvement: Deburr, Liquid Buff, Abrasive Flow, & Vibratory Polish.

Balancing & NDT

CMM Inspection

Power Monitoring for Machining of Highly Stressed Holes

Cold Expansion of Highly Stressed Holes