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Welcome to EDAC Technologies Aero Components
We are a Global Leader in the Manufacture and Repair of Modern Aircraft Components.

We bring our considerable resources and expertise to produce your most challenging components.

Rotating Components produces complex rotating parts and assemblies for the aerospace and industrial markets. In house operations include extensive Turning, Broaching, 3,4, and 5 axis Milling and Splining. In house finishing and NDT processes include Shot Peen, ECI, MPI, FPI, Balancing, Abrasive Flow, Stack Projection, Cold Expansion of Highly Stressed Holes and Vibratory Polish.

Precision Components has been serving the aerospace, turbine engine and industrial gas turbine markets for over 60 years specializing in the machining and assembly of highly engineered components.

Aero Engine Components Repair (AECR) is an FAA Approved Repair Station specializing in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial and military engine components as well as land based turbines since 1981.

EBTEC Is An Innovator In Electron Beam Welding Manufacturing Technology, And Also Employs Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling Services, Laser Welding And Waterjet Cutting Manufacturing Technologies, As Well As Conventional CNC Technologies, To Produce Precision Parts For The Aerospace, Medical And Industrial Markets.

EDAC Technologies' Aero Headquarters
Cheshire CT

EDAC Technologies' Component Repair Facility
Newington CT

EDAC Technologies' EBTEC
Agawam, MA

EDAC Technologies' Rotating Components
Newington, CT